Justin Quintal and photographer, Connor Cornell, linked up under 100% totality.

45 Second Window

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With all the hype behind the Solar Eclipse, Justin and Conner threw together a last-minute photo mission to try and photograph the eclipse from a unique perspective.

The idea was to surf through the duration of 100% totality but the two really didn’t know if it was actually possible since there would be many variables to overcome. Small-scale waves, the suns high position in the sky, incoming afternoon thunder storms, lighting situations upon darkness, only a 45-second window of totality, etc. Realizing the odds were stacked against them, they packed up the gear and charged the 5-hour drive anyway.

The duo arrived at Folly Beach with poor waves and partly cloudy skies. It became apparent that favorable conditions wouldn’t arrive until the last minute. Ten minutes from totality, Justin and Conner paddled out–“I could feel things changing. Clouds were moving in and out and getting darker by the minute. It was coming. Lighting became very scarce within a few seconds and we knew our only window was on”, recalls Conner. Justin was able to pick off a few decent peaks and get into position during this short 45-second window and the photos speak for themselves.

Scroll through a few select images from their mission: