5′ 7″ x 14″ x 19 3/4″ x 15 1/4″ x 2 1/2″

Rail Type:
Down rail with edge
Brown distressed resin tint, Future quad fin system
Deck/Tail Patch:



Board Pictured:

Without Additions:
Up to 6’6″: $675
6’7″-7”: $685
7’1″ – 7’11”: $695

Description: Based off of the twin and quad-pins of the ’80s, this model lends itself to both a twin-fin or quad-fin setup. As a twin, the Crossdresser will be looser and fast from take off. While the quad set up provides more drive and speed down the line, allowing the rider to build off their pumps in steeper sections more so than as a twin.

This board is a great substitute for your standard thruster, but with an alternative feel. The wide point gives it playful undertones, while the slightly pulled in rounded pintail provides hold in a variety of sections and wave heights.

There are four channels running through the midpoint, giving it a similar feel to a double concave which loosens up the board some, yet provides an extra edge to push off of when pumping and driving. The channels direct water flow under the board, ultimately creating less drag.

Comments: This board is great for beach breaks and down-the-line waves alike. If you switch to a twin setup, we recommend a more upright fin template. Set up as a four fin, your standard quad set will do the trick.


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