Justin Quintal, Tommy Witt, Gunner Hughes and I spent three weeks exploring the coastline of British Columbia in an RV back in the spring. Simply put: it was great, and I expect to live a few years less because of the trip, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we got back from Canada, we didn’t know what to do next. I remember thinking, “I miss the road,” and “I need to get out of here,” and I know Justin felt the same. We were sitting on all of these photos and footage from our adventure, but we didn’t know what to do with any of it. How long should the movie be? Where should we submit the photos? And I had all of these debaucherous words I wanted to put on paper about almost dying by fire on a remote island, or almost being eaten by a bear, or about falling in love with a beautiful French girl for fifteen minutes, who had never heard of American Spirits and loved the taste of them—but it all seemed like such a beast, and I didn’t know where to start.

Then this idea came about—and the idea was really just rooted in our mentality during the trip, which was of that foreign, facade of invincibility incited by travel. The facade that says, “I’m in a different place from home, and nothing can go wrong.” When we were in Canada, we let recklessness take the helm, and we laughed in the backseat as it tackled winding curves at breakneck speed. We couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate three weeks of living in an RV with each other in one of the most beautiful places on the planet than by throwing a party with all of our closest friends back home and sharing our experiences with them. We hoped that the short film we premiered didn’t only tell our story, but also the story of the culture we had the privilege of being a part of during our time in Canada.

Hundreds of people packed into the Hotel Palms’ courtyard in Atlantic Beach, FL, to watch the premiere of Uppers & Downers, our short film about time spent and adventures had on Vancouver Island. The night was punctuated by live music from local bands, The Young Step, Wise River, and Bradford Walters as Los Besos. The evening concoction of frigid wilderness feels on the screen and vibrations of guitars and drums through a sea of beautiful people was an experience better than we could have ever imagined. It was visible on our audience’s face as they crammed PBR into their mouths. I’m pretty sure the friends we made in Canada felt it all, too, especially the French girl I still have dreams about.

Very large thanks to Vans and Black Rose MFG. and the rest of the sponsors for supporting both our film and the premiere party, including: PBR, Perversion Magazine, Mockshop Music Exchange, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Sunrise Surf Shop, and Hotel Palms. Now for the first time, Uppers & Downers is available to the public, enjoy.