Black Rose Manufacturing stems from the combined generations of surf studies between world-class surfer Justin Quintal and master surfboard-shaper Ricky Carroll. In their pursuit to create timeless surf equipment they acknowledge progressive surfing does not provide all the answers. Nor does a stubborn inclination for the past. This is the fundamental principle of Black Rose Manufacturing. The goal is to oscillate and operate between the two in hopes of transcending their inherent limitations. The End result: surfboards that provide further insight into the practice of wave riding.

Ricky Carroll

In 1973 a 13 year old, Ricky Carroll, shaped his first surfboard. With a preternatural understanding of board building, he then began what would be a lifetime development of craft and passion just six years later at the age of 19.

Over time Ricky built his own brand, RC Surfboards, into an iconic East Coast name while shaping for private labels such as Natural art, Sea Shapes, Local Motion, Surfboards Hawaii, and Donald Takayama. His trusted talent is not just that of objective opinion, but is backed by 3 Icons of Foam Shape-off wins. An event at The Boardroom Surfboard Expo in Del Mar, California, that features the top shapers in the world.

After a decade of developing surfboard concepts with Ricky, Black Rose Manufacturing is proud to call him our shaper and the R&D Factory home. Together our goal is to utilize talent, experience, and theory to create timeless equipment for the dedicated surfer in us all.