Number 4
Number 4
Number 4

Number 4

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Rail Type: 50-50 

Tail: Square

The Number 4 is a model designed in collaboration with our French rider Nathan Sadoun. Nathan is used to surfing quick and hollow beach breaks so he was looking for a board that could go fast and would also be easy to put on rail, without losing any stability while nose riding. The board we came up with features an almost flat bottom, going from a very slight roll on the tail to a subtle concave under the nose. This way, the board flies through sections and never slows down. It also allows you to keep your momentum through flat parts of the wave. To make it easier for carving and nose riding, we added a fair amount of rocker on both the tail and the nose. 

The rails are sharp and can perfectly knife the face of the wave, making steep sections more enjoyable on a log. The result is a stable, yet very fast longboard which will allow you to explore and enjoy most types of waves to their fullest potential! 

I ended up loving this board in most conditions, enjoying its refined characteristics on perfect pointbreaks as much as on windy beach breaks. What’s sure is that this model shines in conditions where most other logs reach their limits. -Nathan Sadoun

Board Pictured

9’5” 18” x 23” x 16” x 2 7/8” 

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Number 4