Pocket Pistol
Pocket Pistol
Pocket Pistol

Pocket Pistol

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Rail Type: Modern with edge

Tail: Rounded Pin
Description: This is your go-to barrel board. The wide point is pushed up a little above center and the tail pulls into a rounded pin, giving the board a slight teardrop look. This helps the rail stay engaged when taking a steep drop and helps the board catch quicker in steep sections. The wide point, being more forward, adds foam under the chest for better paddling, helps push down the face of the wave, and lends to a forward stance toward the wide point of the board. Keeping that center of gravity more forward helps when navigating over the foam ball and driving through a throaty barrel. There’s a heavy single to double concave that runs down the bottom, which makes subtle adjustments and pumping in the tube easier. Additionally, it loosens up the board giving it more release on turns and airs.     
Comments: The deck is relatively flat, the rocker is relatively low but not too flat and is shaped more into the bottom of the board. You can do turns and airs on this board, but it takes a steeper more powerful down the line wave for this board to come alive. That being said, the main function of the board is being able to get as barreled as possible.

Board Pictured
5’ 10” x 12 3/4” x 19 5/8” x 13 3/4” x 2 1/4”
Double-sided resin tint

Deck Patch: 

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Pocket Pistol